Patrik Svensson is Professor of Humanities and Information Technology at Umeå University and Visiting Professor of Digital Humanities at UCLA. Svensson is the former Director of HUMlab (2000-2014). He spent the academic year of 2015-2016 as a a Distinguished Visiting Fellow/Visiting Professor at the Graduate Center, City University New York.

Svensson’s current work can be loosely organized under two themes: Digital Humanities and Conditions for Knowledge Production. The first theme includes research and practice in relation to the intersection of the humanities and information technology with a particular focus on the history, role and place of the digital humanities. The second theme addresses research infrastructure, spaces for learning and knowledge production, intellectual middleware, presentation software and academic events. Recent publications include Big Digital Humanities (University of Michigan Press, 2016), Between Humanities and the Digital (co-edited with David Theo Goldberg, MIT Press, 2015) and “Close Reading PowerPoint” (online publication). His work seeks to be critical and interventionist. He consults on building spaces, institutions and infrastructure.

A high resolution press photo of Patrik Svensson is available here (courtesy of Umeå University).

Patrik Svensson Professor i humaniora och informationsteknik föreståndare på Humlab.

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