I  post brief updates once in a while in this space. Please all see my blog site.

[April 25, 2017]
I am currently working on an article on humanistic infrastructure, which I hope to have ready in a first draft by mid-May. My sense is that there is a window for humanistic infrastructure thinking, and I think it is important to be part of that conversation. Another piece I am trying to get together is concerned with scholarly communication looking forward and backward (this one is a struggle, but I hope to get it together). I have now been in Southern California for several weeks without any major travel, which has been beneficial to writing and institutional work. My next trip is to London mid-May for a round-table discussion about the digital humanities. Looking forward to this!

[February 18, 2017]
I am back in (stormy) Southern California after a brief and rewarding trip to Europe and a great visit to Arizona State University. This coming week I will do a keynote at the UCLA Infrastructure Symposium 2017 – looking forward to this! Reading about standards and infrastructure mostly, but also working on a couple of other projects. I am currently also thinking a lot about different ways of framing humanties – not least in contemporary policy discussions.

[October 1, 2017]
The September 15 workshop on data driven research in the humanities at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), which I organized with Pelle Snickars, worked out really well and was meaningful and constructive on multiple levels (see here for some reflections on “data driven” and more, in Swedish). The Humanities Infrastructure article is almost finished, and it seems like this fall will continue to be somewhat infrastructural. My next talk will be on October 20 at UC irvine on “Critiquing, Imagining and Designing Infrastructure in and through the Humanities” (program here) – very happy to come back to UCI – and I am also very excited to visit San Diego State University (and San Diego, where there is so much exciting work going on) to do a talk on November 8 on “Why Should Humanists Care About Infrastructure” (more information here).