1. Books


Big Digital Humanities. Imagining a Meeting Place for the Humanities and the Digital. University of Michigan Press. 2016. 300 pp. [Publisher’s page].

Between Humanities and the Digital. Co-edited volume with David Theo Goldberg. MIT Press, 2015. 574 pp. [Publisher’s page].

Språkutbildning i en digital värld: Informationsteknik, kommunikation och lärande. Norstedts akademiska förlag, 2008. 288 pp. [Full-length monograph on language education in a digital world]

Från vision till praktik: Språkutbildning och informationsteknik (ed.), Härnösand: NSHU, Myndigheten för nätverk och samverkan i högre utbildning, 2006. 310 pp. [Edited volume on educational technology and language learning]

Number and Countability in English Nouns (diss.), Uppsala: Swedish Science Press, 1998.

Gotiska. Grammatik, text och ordförklaringar, med Torbjörn Nilsson. Lund: Studentlitteratur, 1997. [Textbook on the Gothic Language, co-authored with Torbjörn Nilsson]

2. Journal articles

“The Why and How of Middleware”. With Johanna Drucker. Digital Humanities Quarterly. 10.2 (2016). [Online].

“‘One Damn Slide After Another’: PowerPoint at every Occasion for Speech”. With Erica Robles-Anderson. Computational Culture. Issue 5 (2016). [Online].

”The Digital Humanities as a Humanities Project”, Arts and Humanities in Higher Education. 11.1-2, (2012), 42-60.

”Envisioning the Digital Humanities”, Digital Humanities Quarterly. 6.1 (2012). [Online].

”From Optical Fiber to Conceptual Cyberinfrastructure”, Digital Humanities Quarterly (2011). [Online].

”The Landscape of Digital Humanities”, Digital Humanities Quarterly. 4.3 (2010). [Online].

”Humanities Computing as Digital Humanities”, Digital Humanities Quarterly 3.3 (2009).  [Online].

”Computer Games as Meeting Places and as Fiction”. ARV. Nordic Yearbook of Folklore (2008), sida 47-59, med Alf Arvidsson, Stefan Blomberg, Jonas Carlquist and Peder Stenberg.

”Fanfiktion, datorspel och tillämpad humaniora”, Human IT 3 (2005). [PDF].

”Humaniora och informationsteknik”, Human IT 4 (2002). [40-page article on the humanities and information technology]. [PDF].

”Automater, bricoleurer och virtuella bröllop. Tre paradigm för IT i undervisning”. Together with P-O Ågren, in Human IT 3 (1999). [Substantial article on paradigms for educational technology]. [Online].

3. Book chapters

”Contemporary and Future Spaces for Media Studies and Digital Humanities”. In Sayers, Jentery (ed.), Routledge Companion to Media Studies and Digital Humanities. Routledge, 2018. [PDF].

“Sorting out the Digital Humanities”. In Schreibman, Susan, Siemens, Ray and John Unsworth,  A New Companion to Digital Humanities. John Wiley & Sons. 2016.

“Universitetet som uttryck”, In Lindström, Matts and Wickberg Månsson, Adam (eds.), Universitetet som medium, 93-108. Mediehistoriskt arkiv, 2015. [Online]. [Chapter on the university as expression].

“The Humanistiscope: Exploring the Situatedness of Humanities Infrastructure”, In Patrik Svensson & David Theo Goldberg (eds.), Between Humanities and the Digital, MIT Press, 2015.

”Beyond the Big Tent”. I Gold, M. K. (red.), Debates in the Digital Humanities. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press. p. 36- 49. 2012.

”Interdisciplinary Design Research”. I Laurel, Brenda (red.), Design Research: Methods and perspectives, 193-200. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2003.

”Virtual Worlds as Arenas for Language Learning”. I Uschi, Felix (red.), Language Learning Online: Towards best practice, 123-142. Lisse: Swets & Zeitlinger, 2003. Republished in Hubbard, P. London (red.), Computer Assisted Language Learning: Critical Concepts in Linguistics, Volumes I-IV, New York: Routledge. p. 123- 142. 2009.

“Language in Cyberspace. Some Reflections”. In From Runes to Romance. A Festschrift for Gunnar Persson. Uppsala: Swedish Science Press, 1997.

4. Reports and booklets

Humanistisk infrastruktur (Humanistic Infrastructure). Lead author (as part of national working group). Report published by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, 2019.

HUMlab. Umeå University. A book about HUMlab produced and published in 2014. Elin Anderson was the editor. I and Cecilia Lindhé (associate director) were also involved in the conceptualization and production of the book.

Infrastructure, Space and Media, Peter Wallenberg Foundation, 2013. The report was produced by the Foundation, but describes an event (Media Places Symposium in Umeå, December 5-7 2012) for which I was a curator and local organizer. We worked with the Foundation, H Craig Heller and Sven Strömqvist.

Virtual Weddings and a real Wedding of Linguistics, Literature and Cultural Studies. A pedagogical project financed by the Council for the Renewal of Higher Education. Project report. 2002. Available here.

5. Collections and online contributions

“Some Thoughts on Making Academic Events with Particular Attention to the Mid-Sized Event”. 2019.

”Genres of Scholarly Knowledge Production”. Online, curated publication with 11 contributions. [Online].

“’Genres of Scholarly Knowledge Production’ Revisited. Post-curatorial Statement”. [Online].

A series of posts on Presentation Technology and Presentation Culture (2015-2016, 8000 words): “Presentation|Tech (I): Preamble”“Presentation|Tech (II): Performing Scholarship”“Presentation|Tech (III): Angled Screens”“Presentation|Tech (IV): Curating events” and“Presentation|Tech (V): Software and hardware”.

“Close Reading PowerPoint”. 2015. Online paper. With Erica Robles-Anderson.

“Comment/Question for Brett after the NeDiMAH final network event”, Comment after Brett Bobley’s presentation at the Nedimah final event in London (comment in relation to the ACLS “Our Common Commonwealth” report), published on Medium, May 5, 2015.

6. Interviews (published)

a) with Patrik Svensson

“Patrik Svensson on the Role of Public Education and the Future of Digital Scholarship”, HASTAC interview by Kalle Westerling, 2016.

“Making a Difference”, Arts and Humanities Research Council, 2016. 

“Humanities Infrastructure, Inflection and Imagination. An Interview with Patrik Svensson”, Interview by Lori Emerson for THE LAB BOOK: Situated Studies in Media Studies and whatisamedialab.com, 2018.

b) video interviews carried out by Patrik Svensson (mostly skype interviews for different academic events)

Excerpt from an Interview with Matt Ratto for “Making a Real Difference” event in London, Nov 21, 2016 (part of Being Human Festival 2016). Excerpt (5:04 mins) from interview on critical making, making a real difference with personal reflections by Ratto. Published Nov 27, 2016.

Excerpt from an Interview with Stefanie Wuschitz for “Making a Real Difference” event in London, Nov 21, 2016 (part of Being Human Festival 2016). Excerpt (5:03 mins) from interview on art and science, making a difference and the world as a studio or lab. Published Nov 27, 2016.